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Air Ventilation

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Provided by Broan Nutone

Broan Nutone fans provide air ventilation with nearly silent operation for a relaxing environment. Their motors are efficient well beyond Energy Star requirements providing smooth airflow.

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ULTRA GREEN™ Multi-Speed Ventilation Fan

UltraGreen™ Energy Saving DC Motor

  • DC motor for efficiency well beyond Energy Star requirements
  • Multi-speed capability ideal for meeting LEED and Energy Star for Homes requirements, as well as local/spot ventilation needs

UltraSilent™ Sound Technology

  • HVI certified, best-achievable <0.3 Sone level provides nearly silent operation for a relaxing environment
  • State-of-the-art blower and duct outlet design smooths airflow
  • High tech DC motor designed for nearly silent operation

UltraSmart™ Control Technology

  • Powerful operation maintained over a wide range of real-world installations (CFM ratings maintained through at least 0.25” static pressure)
  • Infinitely adjustable low CFM setting allows precise adjustment to prevent over-ventilating and maximize efficiency
  • Adjustable time delay sets how long fan will run on high speed before returning to a continuous lower speed