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Provided by Electrolux

Electrolux appliances are designed to be more efficient than Energy Star - not only from an energy perspective, but from a water conservation standpoint as well. Additionally, Electrolux carefully designs each appliance to offer optimal appeal and storage space, providing an ideal combination for saving money while maintaining a modern look. The technologies used in these appliances help Net Zero homeowners reduce their energy consumption by up to 30%, which results in significant savings. 


Dual Fuel Range

The dual fuel range uses gas flames on the cooktop and electric convection inside the oven. It requires both a natural gas connection and a 220 volt electrical outlet.

Gas burners are more responsive, heat faster and offer more precise heating control for foods cooked in pots and pans. The electric oven heats more evenly during baking and when in self-cleaning mode, it is more efficient than one fueled by gas.

Since cooking and heating dishes is fast, the cookers use less energy by default, making it more energy efficient.

Because of the variety of meals that can be cooked on dual ranges as well as the benefit of being more energy efficient, many popular green restaurants around the world insist on using only the best dual fuel ranges.



Energy Star rated refrigerator optimizes energy consumption.



Energy Star rated dishwasher with an energy saver dry option optimizes energy consumption.

Washer and dryer


Recognized as the Most Efficient of Energy Star in 2014, the front loading washer optimizes energy conservation.