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Drain Water Heat Recovery System

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Provided by RenewABILITY Energy Inc.

When warm water goes down the drain from a shower, a faucet, or washing appliance, it carries away valuable energy. Net Zero homes are equipped with a drain water heat recovery unit that recovers part of this valuable energy from the warm water, and uses it to preheat incoming cold fresh water. This unit consists of multiple coils of copper tube wrapped together around a central copper drain pipe. Hot water going down the drain transfers its heat to incoming cold water moving up the coils. The pre-heated water reduces the energy used by the water heater and provides substantial savings.

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In traditionally built homes, water heating accounts for approximately 20-30% of the total energy usage and 90% of the energy generated goes down the drain. The Power-Pipe® can reclaim up to 35% of that energy saving the homeowner on energy costs.

It can also extend the life of the water heater. What’s more, the Power-Pipe® will greatly increase your effective hot water capacity allowing you to decrease your water heater set point temperature by several degrees. As a result you will reduce the risk of scalding, save even more energy, eliminate having to increase your hot water tank size and reduce the chance of running out of hot water.

The Power-Pipe® can be easily installed in most homes. It requires no maintenance and normally lasts 50 years or more. 

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