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Green Solutions

Rain Water Harvesting

In select Net Zero homes, rain water is collected and reused to either flush toilets or to water the garden. Rain water collection is not only an earth friendly option, but the conservation also saves the homeowner money on water bills. 


Provided by Canplas

Greywater Recovery Units

The Canplas Recover System captures the water from showers and baths through a dedicated drainage pipe, separate from the sanitary drainage system, and filters it through the Recover System before entering the storage tank. It is then used to flush toilets

The low maintenance unit optimizes water savings, utilizes a self cleaning filter, and alerts you of concerns such as a toilet leak that can contribute to a 13% loss of household water use. The system also provides an Auto-Away mode whereby the system will preserve water freshness and conserves while you are away. The Recover system can save the average homeowner up to 30% off the water bill! Since less fresh water is supplied to the home, there is also less waste water going into the sewer system thereby lowering waste water costs by a similar amount.

See how it works

Canplas   recover system   typical layout

City of Guelph - Blue Built Program

Bluebuilt colour print

While it’s easy to make the claim that a home is built and designed for water efficiency, Blue Built Homes’ fixtures and appliances are backed by internationally recognized environmental specifications: WaterSense and Energy Star. By adopting products endorsed by these standards, Blue Built Homes provide performance and accountability. At Reid's Heritage Homes, we have gone above the requirements of Net Zero to address water conservation and have implemented this system in select Net Zero homes resulting in a saving of at least $83 annually.

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Water bill savings