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Rogers en 4c

Provided by Rogers

Having work done on your home? Need to let the dog walker in? Customize and control who has access to your home remotely from the web portal without needing to give out keys or security info. Have more control over your home's security and management.

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Protection: Safeguards the home when the homeowner is away with real-time 24/7 home monitoring by a team of security experts. In case of any emergency, they will notify first response teams even if the homeowner is unable to. Rogers broadband and wireless networks run simultaneously to ensure maximum security at all times. If one network ever goes down, the other stays up and running to keep you and your family protected.

Stay Connected: Know who enters your home with live video on your smartphone or computer. Get instant emails and text alerts as soon as your kids arrive home. Review your online library of stored videos and snapshots of your home either by smartphone or web.

Control Your Home From Anywhere: Program the lighting in your home any way you like. Have the hall light turn on when you come home or illuminate a bedroom so no one will know you've gone out.

Comfort at Home: Adjust and manage your thermostat from wherever you are to lower heating bills. Control almost any home appliance whether it's a fan or home entertainment system.

Take Charge of Your Security: Left home without arming your security system? Remotely log in to arm your system, or disarm to let in babysitters or contractors without giving up your access code.

Wireless Smoke and Fire Sensor: Receive instant notification on the home automation system of an impending danger.